Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oil Warmer Lamp Giveaway!

Oil Warmer Lamp Giveaway!

Enter our giveaway to win this gorgeous Seashell oil warmer lamp plus 3 Aroma Delights scented oils! Winner will be drawn on Sunday, March 8th. 2015 at 9pm (ET)!

How to enter:
Visit our Facebook page to get entered in our current contest! The entry post is pinned to the top of our main page. Click the link to enter: Aroma Delights Contest

You can purchase all of our prizes in our online store! All of our oil warmers are 50% off! Click the link to view all of our oil warmer lamp styles: Shop Aroma Delights

Our scented oils are homemade and outlast any other oil, wax tart or candle you've ever used! Mix or match any 3 oils for only $10! Shop scented oils

We also supply oil warmer lamp accessories like light bulbs, replacement dishes, dimmer cords and more! Shop accessories

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Leaked Black Friday Ads 2013! Top Sites to Visit

As you know, Black Friday is a wild frenzied shopping event every year. This year, many retailers are starting early.

I've compiled a few of the best websites that post leaked ads & early bird specials. You can also get emails alerting you of new ads if you sign up for their newsletters.

This year, retailers are expecting 30% higher online shopping vs. in store shopping. In fact, a lot of retailers are offering "online only" specials as well.
Personally, I love shopping online to avoid the crowds, but I do like to venture out for a short time to grab a great deal that isn't offered online.

Here's a few great sites:

Black Friday Visit this site to get up-to-the minute deals by all of your favorite major retail stores! I found this site super easy to navigate, plus you can sign up for their ad alerts in your email.

The Black Friday This site also has major retail store ads, but it's a little more confusing to navigate. 

BF Ads Great site! Easy to navigate and posts the latest greatest ads

Brad's Deals Another great Black Friday site with up-to-the minute leaked ads

Nerd Wallet I love this site! Not only do they post major retail store ads, but they also have coupons for Etsy stores! I love sites that support small business!

Black Friday Countdown This site boasts a HUGE "countdown to Black Friday" meter at the top of the page. They have updated ads by major retailers and "trending now" links.

Edeal Info This site has coupon codes for all kinds of stores! Some stores only reveal coupon codes to newsletter subscribers. A lot of subscribers then post the codes on sites like this :) Just do a search for a store to see if they have any coupon codes.

Small business Saturday is November 30! Help support small businesses in your community to boost the economy. 
I will also be having a Black Friday sale for my small business Aroma Delights  starting Thanksgiving night at 11:59pm, plus I have a pre-black friday sale going on now for 30% off all orders $25 or more :)

If you know of any other great Black Friday links, feel free to post in the comments

Have fun shopping!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Giveaway! Win a Huge Scented Prize Package from Aroma Delights!

Win a huge scented prize package from Aroma Delights!

Prize includes an oil warmer of YOUR CHOICE plus 4 scented oils & 4 alcohol-free body sprays!

There are plenty of oil warmer styles to choose from. Here's a few examples

Win 4 scented oils! Dozens of scents to choose from!

Contest is closed

Oil Warmer Lamp Stopped Working - Watch how to fix it

If your oil warmer stopped working and changing the bulb didn't fix the problem, the issue is either your socket or your dimmer cord. Your socket will short out if oil is accidentally spilled onto it. Your dimmer could short out for a number of reasons including a power surge or a bent wire.

You can make your warmer as good as new by replacing the socket, dimmer cord or both.

Watch the video below to learn how:

Oil Warmer Accessories

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Body Spray Allergies..Facts and Alternatives

The #1 ingredient in most body sprays and perfumes is alcohol, but not just any alcohol...

The alcohol used in scented products can be listed under different names on the ingredient label. Most of the time it reads SD Alcohol. It is also known as Alcohol Denat or Cetyl Alcohol. No matter what is listed, it's official name is Denatured Alcohol.

To give you a background on denatured alcohol, let's go back in history. During prohibition, denatured alcohol was readily available and mainly used as a fuel additive for propane stoves. When beer, wine and liquor was not available, people began to drink denatured alcohol as a substitute. When people started to go blind and die from ingesting this toxic substance, the government stepped in and added a chemical that made it extremely bitter, thus almost impossible to consume.

Denatured alcohol plus many other chemicals are added to our body sprays and perfumes as a cheap carrier for the fragrance and also to act as a preservative.

What are the short and long term effects when exposed to denatured alcohol?
Everyone is different when it comes to allergies. You may have no allergic reaction to perfume, or you might have a slight reaction like sneezing or coughing. Some people are highly allergic to scented products and have severe allergic reactions like tongue and throat swelling.

Denatured alcohol enters your body by breathing it in (while spraying) and even though most of it evaporates, a small amount is absorbed through your skin. Toxins are naturally flushed out of our bodies through the liver and kidneys, but when you get a build up of toxins, your body can't get rid of it fast enough which in turn can make you feel sick or suffer allergy type symptoms.

So, what are the alternatives?
You will be hard pressed to find any cologne, body spray or perfume in major retail stores that does not contain denatured alcohol. One good alternative is pure perfume oil. Perfume oils are great, but they can also be expensive. Neiman Marcus has a great selection of perfume oils for both men and women, but you can also find other great stores that carry some of the top brands.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Top 2 Reasons Why Men Like Oil Warmers

Oil warmers and scented oils are largely associated with women, but men like them too.

Here are the top 2 reasons why men like oil warmers and scented oils..

  • Smell: Men love fragrances just as much as women. They tend to migrate towards fruit & berry, clean or spicy type scents. One of the most popular scented oils for men is cinnamon. 
  • Man Cave: Most men have a "man cave", den or office that they decorate with all their favorite hobbies or collections. They treasure these rooms and go there to relax and unwind, plus they like their room to smell good. There are plenty of manly oil warmer styles that can be incorporated into the decor and also provide a night-light effect to create a relaxing mood.

To find great oil warmer gifts and scented oils for men, shop Aroma Delights online boutique

Friday, May 24, 2013

Video: Scented Oil Touch Lamp Sparkles inside Crystal Glass Globe

Crystal Glass Globe Touch Scented Oil Warmer

Soft light meets sweet-smelling scents in this dazzling Crystal Glass Globe Touch scented oil warmer! A showpiece all by itself, this electric oil warmer will brighten and revitalize your living spaces. Add a few drops of your favorite scented oil and watch beautiful prisms of light sparkle as fragrance fills the air.

Your Crystal Glass Globe Touch scented oil warmer is easy to operate, with low/medium/high settings touch activated at its base. Place high on a shelf or use as a decorative touch lamp on desks and end tables to accent any decor.

Globe is durable and sturdy and weighs 3 lbs.

  • No assembly required
  • 5" tall x 4" wide
  • Uses 35watt halogen bulb
  • Easy clean
  • UL approved
Purchase replacement accessories or Aroma Delights homemade scented oils for your Crystal Globe Touch scented oil warmer. Available in purple, clear, green or orange crystal-cut glass.

Watch the dazzling globe sparkle in the video below: